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INTERTRADE GRAPHIC was founded in 2001 as a platform aimed at exporting trade-finishing consumables within the graphic arts market. At present, and in order to respond to the needs of the global market that is constantly on the move and increasingly looking for effective solutions in manner and time, the company manufactures UV varnishes and distributes/converts films and adhesives for lamination.

The experience of our company in the industry is a guarantee of quality, professionalism and efficiency.

Our company philosophy, applied to both our management processes and our products, is based on the twin objectives of quality (both supported by the raw materials and our production process) and speed of deliveries, guaranteed by the flexibility in production and large stocks stored in our warehouses in Madrid and Barcelona.

It is a fact that the current market demands a good quality competitively priced and coupled with a fast and efficient service. The balance of these variables is the key to a professional response to our customers, who work in an environment of increasingly demanding market.

The company currently sells its products either directly or through distributors/agents in over 20 countries around the world and they have become synonymous with quality.

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